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The Best Holographic Bow Sight

Please check out our top 4 holographic bow sights for your compound bow this summer reviewed and tested available on Amazon.


Are you getting ready for this summer to practice with your compound bow? With many options out there in the market, it will be hard for you to pick which one is the most suitable for you. Here we are after spending more than 42 hours on tests. These are the top 4 holographic bow sights for you.


The Best Holographic Bow Sight of September 2023 – Reviews and Top Rated

SaleRank No. #1
CBE Tactic Hybrid 1-Pin Bow Sight,Black
  • Ability to set a floating pin with a rapid stop
  • Smart mount multi-positioning mounting holes
  • Elevation gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings
  • Micro windage gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings
  • .019 inch blade pins
SaleRank No. #2
552 Metal Holographic Red&Green Dot Sight Scope
  • Exquisite Technology: adopts high transmittance lens and the latest design technology to ensure a clear vision, and shooting the aim without any shaking.
  • Superior Material:equipped with shockproof and weatherproof materials, as well as metal frame, which will guarantee the sight can be used in severe environment.
  • Easy to Use: the reticle color can be changed into red or green dot with one switch. 10 levels of brightness settings
  • Battery Features: Powered by two AA batteries to give a longer range time. --Easy to set up.
  • Versatility: The sight is suitable for any 20mm tactical rails
SaleRank No. #3
Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight , Black
  • Ultra-bright .029” large vertical fiber optic pin to easily narrow-in on your target
  • Adjustable indicator pin allows for ultra-precise adjustments to compensate for uncertain environmental conditions
  • Nylon bushings create smooth, quiet movement with no metal-to-metal contact
  • Properly align shots with the precision installed bubble level
  • Drive Slider sight and sight light included
Rank No. #4
Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight, 2" Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight, LED Pins for Unobstructed Views, Right-Handed
  • Auto-ranging digital bow sight automatically measures distance to the target and provides an LED pin for the shot
  • LED pins allow you to clearly see your target, unobstructed by physical pins
  • Silent single-button trigger requires minimal movement; lets you range at rest or full draw up to 100 yards on game or up to 300 yards on reflective targets
  • Customizable for single-pin and multi-pin configurations or manual pin selection
  • 1 year of battery life with 2 Lithium AAA batteries (not included)
Rank No. #5
Garmin Xero A1i PRO Bow Sight, Right-Handed Auto-ranging Digital Sight with Microadjustments for Elevation, Windage and More
  • Bow-mounted auto-ranging digital sight automatically measures distance to the target and provides a precise LED pin for the shot
  • Designed for easy setup with microadjustments for elevation, windage and laser reticle alignment
  • Automatically creates pin stack from 0 yards to the maximum distance for your bow based on arrow speed and calibration points
  • Dynamic level feature delivers leveling info right at the pin with variable sensitivity based on shot distance, so you can stay focused on the shot
  • Quick detach feature lets you easily remove and reconnect the sight from the bow riser for travel
SaleRank No. #6
Burris Optics Oracle 2 Rangefinder Bow Sight, Built in Range Finder Measures Exact Distance, Calculates Perfect Aim/Drop Point, Adaptable Right or Left Handed Mount
  • Eliminates guessing distance; Built-in rangefinder gives exact distance to the target at full draw
  • Eliminates aiming between pins; Instantly calculates and displays the exact aiming point for any distance and shot angle
  • Builds on the original Oracle bow sight with improved auto-brightness detection, improved manual brightness control (lower levels), improved set-up (micro-adjustments on LRF), better waterproofing and more accurate arrow drop calculations
  • Instantly provides the distance to your target and an exact aiming point that factors in the angle of your shot
  • No more guessing distance, fumbling with rangefinders, dialing sights or aiming between pins; Backed by the Burris Forever Warranty
SaleRank No. #7
558 Red Green Dot Holographic Sight Reflex Scope with 3X Magnifier Quick Release Mount Combo(Black)
  • The versatile -558 holographic red and green sight + 3x magnification allows you to switch between short and long range shooting scenarios for accurate shooting
  • The 558 holographic sight switches between red and green dots, making it easy to use in any environment, clear and bright
  • 558 Holographic sight +3X magnifier is nitrogen purged for reliable waterproof and fogproof performance in the field.
  • The lens are fully multi-coated maximizing resolution, light gathering capability, and color fidelity.
  • Durable & Compatible: Tough & shockproof, the hard-coat-anodized machined-aluminum construction ensures durability. Made of high grade aluminum alloy which makes the red dot sight durable and light weight.
SaleRank No. #8
Trophy Ridge Hotwire 3-Pin Sight Black
  • On-board adjustment tool for the two fixed pins
  • Easily adjust the third pin with an adjustable tool-less knob
  • Strengthen accuracy at severe angles over long distances with second axis leveling
  • On-board pin adjustment tool for wind age and elevation adjustments
SaleRank No. #9
Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight , Black
  • Rugged 6061-T6 aluminum body and protective shield
  • Advanced optical coatings, Scratch resistant lens System
  • 4 Red/green reticle options with 10 brightness settings
  • Quick Detach mount for easy on/off application
  • Auto shut-off and Low battery indicator Recoil rated up to .50 BMG
SaleRank No. #10
CBE Tactic Hybrid 3-Pin Bow Sight , Black
  • Ability to set a floating pin with a rapid stop
  • Smart mount multi-positioning mounting holes
  • Elevation gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings
  • Micro windage gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings
  • .019 inch blade pins

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1# – TRUGLO Range Rover Pro


View product on Amazon

Our Rating: 96/100 


Best Overall: This bow sight is so well designed and adjustable with fantastic material to help you to shoot view it easier and more accurate


If you are looking for a holographic bow sight that is well made and helps you shoot correctly, this is a must-have item for you. With such fantastic feedback about how accurate it is, this product should be on your consideration list.




Construction CNC-machined aluminum
Aperture Diameter 1.8 inch
Dimension 10 x 9 x 3 inches
Weight 1.07 pounds


Highlighted Features


Accurate Precision


It is an upgraded version from Truglo’s previous version. The Range Rover Pro decided to drop the original sight pin to help open up the range of your view by using the innovative Power Dot technology. They also use the new revolutionary scope with the dot at the center of the dot for even more accuracy.


Widen the view


Since they drop the pin, you can widen your view because there is nothing to block your view anymore. This bow sight is also manufactured with a LED light that you could adjust by yourself to your preferred brightness under any lighting situation. 


Incredible usage


You can move the dial to your desired position and set up the type of tape so that you can see your target more accurately. You can also adjust the quiver mount that comes together along with the bow sights along with this.


This product is only suitable for right-handed person


  • Adjustable to your liking
  • You can choose between one dot or two dot
  • Assist you in seeing further in the field



  • This product might not be the best idea for left-handed people




If you are looking for a bow sight to improve your shooting or are getting ready to hunt this summer, this product is the best option for you to change your game professionally.


2# – Trophy Ridge Drive Slider


View product on AmazonOur Rating: 91/100 


Best design: Trophy Ridge Drive Slider is a promising bow sight since the single pin situation helps you to aim your target more effortless, and it will also help people with bad eyesight


This product is suitable for people with both right-handed and left-handed. It will also help the bowhunters see more accurately, and even if you have bad eyesight, it will help you improve that.




Construction Aluminum
Aperture Diameter 1.7 inch
Dimension 11 x 5 x 2.5 inches
Weight 0.5 pounds


Highlighted Features

Mounting Structure


Unlike other bow sights, this bow sight’s mounting bracket is made out of metal aluminum so that it will help to prevent rising problems from tape out there. On the other hand, this bow sight also comes with pieces to help the shooter attach to the mounted quiver.


Durable Material


The primary material for this bow sight is mostly high-quality aluminum so that it helps you feel stable when you hold it. The sight ring part is also made from high-quality aluminum to make the whole bow sight part feel even more sturdy. However, the nylon bushings help the metal part quiet and not make so much noise affect your hunting.


Maintain your vision stable

The optic pin is precisely 0.029 fiber so that it could increase the brightness to help with your vision no matter under what lighting situation. It will also observe the lighting well to adjust the LED lighting that attaches to the bow sight. 


The adjustment button sometimes is stiff but it will not be a big deal if you clean it frequently.


  • Quick aiming and improve the visual
  • Sliders move is not making any noise
  • Bright pin to adjust your vision



  • The adjustment is a little bit stiff




This option is excellent for people who do not like to focus on many pins while adjusting their shooting style. We believe this holographic bow sight is a perfect option for you if you would like to keep everything simple.


3# -.30-06 Outdoors Kingpin 4 Pin


View product on AmazonOur Rating: 85/100 


Best for camouflage: This unique looking and affordable holographic bow sight is one of the high-quality equipment for archery


30-06 Outdoors Kingpin 4 Pin will make your bow more unique and signature. Other than that, it is also affordable and easy to use.




Construction Aluminum
Aperture Diameter 1.6 inches
Dimension 11 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches
Weight 0.7


Highlighted features


Fashionable material


This bow sight came in with two different colors based on your preferences, you can choose between the dirt camo version or plain black version. The material of this bow sight is made out of aluminum yet still lightweight.


Adjustable pin


This bow sight is designed to have four fiber pins that you could adjust to your liking. The four pin sights were designed so that you could level your sight better.


Great visibility


You could observe that this sight’s bow has in total four pin fibers to attract colors like red or blue, which helps you adjust the light better.


You can have the distraction because of the four pin fibers in the holographic.


  • Four pin fiber to attract lights
  • Lightweight
  • Come in fashionable colors



  • The four pin fibers can distract you


This bow sight is such an excellent option for you if you want your bow to stand out. If you would like to have some bow sights that are as lightweight as possible, this is also a good option for you.




View product on AmazonOur Rating: 81/100 


Best for compact design: This bow sight is best for people who do not want to invest too much in a bow sight yet still want the best to be delivered.


This is a bow sight that is affordable for you for this hunting season yet still durable and delivers the best quality compared to what you have to pay. 




Construction 6061-T6 aluminum
Aperture Diameter N/A
Dimension 4.4 x 3.8 x 2.3 inches
Weight 5.61 Ounces


Highlighted Features


Durable material


This product is made out of one of the most durable materials, which is 6061-T6 aluminum, so that it will not add more weight to your bow, and you still can level it well.


Adjust Lighting


Just like its name, you know that this bow sight came with three fiber pins, two green and one red, which helps you adjust and attract the light and balance out the light.


Great Details


This product comes with a quality fiber pin and came with the marking for you to level the windage as well as to elevate.




The screw level is not accurate so you need to double check before buying.


  • Affordable
  • Amazing quality
  • A lot of good reviews



  • Some feedback said that the screw is not level correctly




This holographic bow sight is an affordable option for you yet still has the best quality and does not add too much weight to your bow.



In conclusion, we would like to recommend my best pick out of these four holographic bow sights, TRUGLO Range Rover Pro, because it is worth your money and durable to use for many seasons.

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