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The Best Smartphone Cooler

Meta Description:Get an obvious opinion from our list of top-rated smartphone coolers against overheating while playing game consoles to finally own the best suitable one. 

If you are dealing with excessive heat generated from your phones, stop abusing it and think about the way to cool it down for longer battery life!

Holding one of the 4 top phone coolers by checking our buying guides below would be the best solution for getting a long-lasting experience on your phone.

Best Phone Coolers to prevent overheating

The Best Smartphone Cooler of September 2023 – Reviews and Top Rated

Last update on 2023-06-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

#1 – Apobob Black Shark FunCooler Pro

Referring to the best-selling smartphone coolers, the latest Apobob FunCooler Pro launched by Black Shark is our first choice for its supercooling capacity and remarkably unique design.


Dimensions 17 x 10 x 6 cm
Weight  3.04 ounces
Blade 7
Cooling Columns 147
Spinning 6200RPM
Color Black
Charging  USB Type-C, Direct plug
Material PC & Aluminium Alloy
Compatibility Phone’s size ( 2.63-3.46 inches)
Warranty  12 months 

Highlighted features

  • Super Cooling with low sound

Equipped with 147 cooling columns following its fan speed up to 6200 rpm ( revolutions per minute), Apobob FunCooler Pro can quietly run less than 34 decibels and cool down to 14° in 1 minute. Especially, delivering Icy and Freeze Mode is a smart idea to meet different user’s demands. 

  • Unique design 

Matching best with gamer’s style, the RGB 12 rainbow LEDs and 34 customized patterns catch the most attention from users. Made from PC ( more about PC, click here) with gel silicone clip on the edges, FunCooler Pro can bear high impact resistance without worrying about falling off and scratching. 

  • High compatibility level 

This phone cooler can connect with BlueTooth via Shark Kit app installation on Android and IOS to measure cooling levels and light effects. It can also be adjusted to fit multi-size devices within 2.63-3.46 inches and start cooling whenever power is on. 


Despite its convenient app installation, FunCooler Pro was not designed with batteries for charging. It just supports USB Type C. Charge beyond users’ expectations for a rechargeable device.


  •  Made from PC with high impact resistance & durability
  •  Fast cooling with the bass operation
  • Universal for various phones’ size with RGB halo Leds trip
  • Light effect and cooling mode measured via APP


  • No battery and only USB Type-C supported.
  • A bit of condensation after cooling 


Looking for a smartphone cooler with a marvelous light effect and separate cooling modes controlled well by APP, Apobob Black Shark FunCooler Pro is the best pick in general.

#2 – Oluote Cell Phone Cooler

Known as one of the best phone radiators with a long-lasting battery, Oluote Cell Phone Cooler is an alternative to others that cannot be rechargeable.


Dimensions 7.7 x 4.5 x 1.9 cm
Weight  14.4 ounces
Blade 9
Spinning 5000RPM
Color Silver, Shade
Charging  USB cable
Material ABS & zinc alloy
Compatibility Phone’s size ( 4 – 6.7 inches)
Warranty  12 months

Highlighted features

  • Sustainable batteries

Provided with a 500mAh battery capacity that can charge entirely in just one hour, Oloute Cell Phone Cooler can cool continuously for at least three hours to extend the users’ experience time. USB cable is available in its package to connect input voltage of 5V

  • High speed with noise reduction 

This cooler’s fan was designed with nine blades gearing up to 5000 rpm ( revolutions per minute) to get fast heat dissipation in a short time. The Wireless DC motor attached helps control fan speed in high-rate accidents and reduce noises to nearly silent mode

  • Flexible design 

Oloute Cell Phone Cooler is compatible with the phone’s screen size of 4 – 6.7 inches. Furthermore, equipped with a 70-100 mm retractable clip, you can easily fasten it to your smartphone, then turn it on through LEDs signals in the front. 


However, large battery capacity leads to a better user experience,  made from ABS (more about ABS, click here) that might be less durable than others made from PCs. More than that, it operates automatically, so the light effect and temperature cannot be adjusted.


  • Strong battery system
  • Quiet running for better gaming sound effect
  • Easy fastening with a buckle clip
  • High compatibility with the rechargeable ability 


  • Less impact resistance 
  • No LEDs and cooling level controlling button


If you are searching for a simple cooling item that can recharge and cool with high speed without caring about its LED effect and cooling level, let’s have a try on the Oloute Cell Phone Cooler

#3 – picK-me Cell Phone Cooler

The next cooler mentioned here is no less remarkable than the two above in the aspect of quick heat dissipation performance and a super-capacity lithium battery, named picK-me Cell Phone Cooler. 


Dimensions  8.3 x 6.1 x 1.9 cm
Weight  6.4 ounces
Fan speed 3 levels
Spinning 6000RPM
Color Black
Charging  USB cable
Material ABS
Compatibility Phone’s size ( about 2.16 inches)
Warranty  12 months

Highlighted features

  • Powerful heat sink with perfect silent mode

Compared to the Oloute Cell Phone Cooler launched by the same picK-me manufacturer, the latest cooler’s fan was created with three gear wind speeds rotating up to 6000 rpm; this is much faster. Interestingly, this version was upgraded to the excellent mute mode that has not been done yet in Oloute before.

  • Handy design 

picK-me Cell Phone Cooler appears as a snap-in device with its weight nearly equal to one phone case. It surpasses others in terms of easy and straightforward take-away at any time to address ongoing fever issues. Furthermore, equipped with a big enough button on the surface, it might be more convenient to turn the power on and off and the LEDs lights.   

  • Wide compatibility

Like Oloute, picK-me Cell Phone Cooler supports charging and storing batteries for at least 3 hours for rapid cooling. It takes just one hour to be full-charged for the capacity of  500mAh.


This cooler’s bearing stress is less than Black Shark FunCooler Pro. Although it can be adjusted at three speeds of a cooling fan, it cannot turn on and off light effects to our preferences.


  • Super capacity lithium battery
  • Bass operation with a 3-speed level of turbo cooling fan
  • Compact design 
  • Broad compatibility with USB charger 


  • Lower impact resistance 
  • Autokinetic lighting effect


In short, picK-me Cell Phone Cooler deserves a top-rated rank with a perfectly compact design and its high performance shown in these above notable points.

#4- Hemobllo Mobile Phone Cooling Stand Cooler

Unlike the above phone radiators, this cooler comes out with its water-cooling function described below excellent marks; it is Hemobllo Mobile Phone Cooling Stand Cooler.  


Dimensions  8 x 6.8 x 4.9 cm
Weight  6.4 ounces
Spinning 6000RPM
Color Black
Charging  USB cable
Material ABS
Compatibility Phone’s size (2.44 – 3.34 inches)
Warranty  12 months 

Highlighted features

  • Ultra-quiet operation

Capturing the best sound effect from smartphones,  Hemobllo Mobile Phone Cooling Stand Cooler is a convincing one owing to its super mute mode. Although the rotating speed is up to 7500 rpm, it seemingly keeps operating almost in silence ( less than 34 decibels for enduring heat dissipation )

  • USB plug-in design with instantaneous cooling

Once connecting directly with a USB cable, Hemobllo Cooler jumps quickly into an automatic water-cooled mechanism mode. The temperature can drop swiftly to  10~30°C in 1 minute and keep cooling continuously. 

  • Super large compatibility

This cooler is compatible with universal iPhone/Android Smartphones ( 2.44-3.34inch ) and all adapters with USB ports. You can also find it easy to install and disassemble thanks to its soft silicone mat and telescopic spring clip on its edges.


Hemobllo Mobile Phone Cooling Stand Cooler does not carry RGB LEDs and supports charging and temperature measurements. It is somewhat less durable than others made from PC


  • Mute mode capturing the best sound effect
  • Direct plug with USB continuous power supply
  • Battery savings ( no light effect)
  • Super large compatibility


  • No light effect
  • Not rechargeable 
  • Unable to adjust the cooling level


It is a fact that Hemobllo Mobile Phone Cooling Stand Cooler can help save battery best because the RGB LEDs are no longer available for use. Put it in your collections if you are prone to energy-saving devices. 

Key features to find out whether a smartphone cooler carries actual effectiveness and matches your needs well. 

#1: Product Dimensions: whether its variants are fittable with your phone’s sizes or not?

#2: Weight: whether your phone can suffer well from the phone cooler’s weight or not?

#3: Operating speed and noise level: Can it support a good sound effect or not?

#4: Charging type: Is it compatible with USB charge or not?

#5: Material: Whether the cooler can maximize expected value? 

#6: Compatibility: In which phone size, this cooler can support?

#7: Warranty and technical support: How can we get help when dealing with unexpected rising issues?


In conclusion, picking the best one among a wide range of smartphone coolers seems to be hard. Therefore, taking a delicate consideration of the seven key points above is an essential step before reaching the final purchase. 

From our recommendations, if you still have no clue about picking the most functional coolers, let’s take an initial look at Apobob Black Shark FunCooler Pro, which performs best out of others in terms of its supercooling speed and modern technology application on the whole. 

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