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The Best Korean Citron Tea

Starting a refreshing day with one cup of Citron Tea will be an essential preparation step for your effective daily relaxation. As these Korea Citron Tea mentioned below, you can buy one that fits best to your demands.

Life is so dull if you throw yourself into an abundance of tasks without caring about your mental perspective. Sometimes, a tiny habit might bring you immense benefits, like enjoying a cup of natural-flavored tea for a significant resurgence after a hard-working day. 

You might wonder about how people refer to a type of drink that is not only merely a refreshing beverage but also an excellent liquid for a healthy life. We are here to help you disembroil your query by providing four outstanding Korea Citron Tea suggestions followed by their nutrition facts for your best tea selection.

 Almost all Citron Tea manufacturers have sealed their products with glass jars that have a better look than others, like plastic. It is especially friendly to our environment and its more prolonged use though sometimes people find them hard to pack and deliver because of its fragileness. 

 Therefore, in this list of four Korean Citron Tea recommendations, we only mention their ingredients, flavor, taste, and effect for consumers. Let’s see through each as below.

The Best Korean Citron Tea of December 2023 – Reviews and Top Rated

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#1 – Ottogi Honey Teas

Ottogi is a famous brand for instant noodles and Honey Tea that embraces Korea’s traditional flavor and healthy style. Ottogi Honey Teas is one of the most popular citron tea drinks due to its natural ingredients and great use. 


Brand Ottogi
Item form Instant
Flavor Citron
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 6.5 inches
Weight  2.2 Pounds
Caffeine content Caffeine Free
Calories per savings ( 3 tsp) 50

Highlighted features

  1. Citron and honey from natural sources

Serving with 100% natural flavor, Ottogi Honey Teas contains up to 75% vitamin C ( 57% preserved Citron fruit) and other nutrients that help prevent cancer, enhance the immune system, etc.  It does not come with preservatives, artificial colors, and caffeine negatively affecting our health. People consume this tea throughout the year to get rid of flu in winter, scorching in summer, and other problems during these seasons. 

  1. Taste diversification

This tea drink’s texture is considerably gooey, with a few citron slices that make you enjoy it differently. On the one hand, due to its easy solubility, you can pour it into cold or hot water and stir well to get an instant fresh drink. On the other hand, you can serve it as citron marmalade by spreading an arbitrary amount of bread, toast, or everything at your pleasure. 


Ottogi Honey Teas is a little intricate due to its sugar added more than honey. So it is why diabetes patients should not try it even just a little. Conversely, the citron slices are slightly sour; this might lose a delicious perception of someone prone to sugary. 


  • Natural honey & fresh citron
  • High vitamin C level
  • Suitable for the immune system
  • Refreshing drink 
  • Use as a topping 


  • Not suitable for diabetes patients 
  • A bit bitter citron pieces


Generally, although people find Ottogi Honey Teas a rich array of Vitamin C, it seemingly adds a lot more sugar and Fructose than real honey. Therefore its sweetness transgresses its natural sour taste of citron fruit; this is more effective for thirst-quenching and immune protection. 

#2 – Citron Tea With Honey

The second suggestion is Citron Tea With Honey from the Haioreum brand with a lower percentage of Vitamin C and moderate sweetness than Ottogi Honey Teas discussed before. Let’s see how it is distinct. 


Brand Haioreum
Item form Powder
Flavor Honey
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches
Weight  2.2 Pounds
Caffeine content Caffeine Free
Calories per savings ( 3 tsp) 70

Highlighted features

  • More concentrated solution

With 58% Vitamin C and real honey extracted into a kind of glutinous solution thicker than Ottogi Honey Teas, Citron Tea With Honey carries a more floral-fruity aroma with a charming taste. Besides that, adding abundant Citron peels with slightly sweet helps diversify your preference. 

  • Quickly soluble in water and mix flavor

Compared to other honey teas, Citron Tea With Honey can easily dissolve in either hot or cold water by gently stirring. As a result, you can make instant tea in seconds to get through the flu and enjoy a resurgence without costing much time. Additionally, its taste might be more sugary than Ottogi Honey Tea, so you can specialize your fondness by eating it with bread, toast, scones, or ice-scream. 


Like Ottogi Honey Teas, Citron Tea With Honey consists of a high Fructose level, which provides more calories than honey. It is not suitable for someone who goes on a diet and has high blood sugar. Occasionally, some people may find it intricate to digest due to its much-sliced rinds.


  • Fresh citron with real honey
  • Much more gooey than others
  • Easy to dissolve
  • Use for various purposes.


  • High Fructose
  • Too much citron peels


Generally, if you search for a tea with a sweet taste and floral flavor without considering high sugar levels, let’s Citron Tea With Honey is your first choice.

#3 – Assi Korean Citron Tea with Honey

The third honey tea recommendation might be prone to extremely sweet-liking consumers with a bit of Citron Juice and rind slices. Let’s look at Assi Korean Citron Tea with Honey with the below features. 


Brand Assi
Item form Powder
Flavor Honey
Dimensions 10.55 x 5.83 x 4.84 inches
Weight  2.2 Pounds
Caffeine content Caffeine Free
Calories per savings ( 3 tsp) 50

Highlighted features

  • Cloyingly sweet with mild citron savor

Compared to the two above honey teas, this Assi Korean Citron Tea with Honey comprises the least Citron ingredients that only take up 20% in nutrition facts. Likewise, its tea texture is smoother and stickier with fewer citron slices ringed. Moreover, people can find it cloyingly sweet due to its high volume of honey and sugar as a jam on bread or things like that. 

  •  Awakening tea for refreshing days

For Assi Korean Citron Tea with Honey, you can diversify your servings with cold water to cool off your body on burning days or hot water to fight against the flu, treat cold symptoms and stimulate digestion during the seasons. More interestingly, you can keep it as a kind of marmalade or syrup for mixed recipes of other foods like toast, bread, sandwich, or ice cream.  


This tea may not be adequately satisfying to someone who loves citron and its flavor, preferably for use as jams. At times, its solution contains a few citron seeds that make consumers feel bitter. 


  • Softer and smoother 
  • Fewer Citron slices
  • Sweeter and more aromatic


  • A few citron seeds
  • Too sweet


It is a fact that people should pay more attention when serving this Assi Korean C itron Tea with Honey with a high volume of concentrated tea solution; in the long run, use this regularly to ensure full energy for daily activities. People who do not catch diabetes can consume it as sweet fresh tea and jams for bread. People who do not fit diabetes can drink it as sweetly fresh tea and jams for bread. 

#4 – DAMTUH Honey Citron Tea

Finally, this tea might also attract users because of its exquisite flavor and soothing taste. However, tea drinkers can sometimes think out of the box that DAMTUH Honey Citron Tea discussed below might work better as a sweet and sour topping.


Brand Damtuh
Item form Loose Leaves
Flavor Honey
Dimensions 5.16 x 3.9 x 3.31 inches
Weight  2 Pounds
Caffeine content Caffeinated
Calories per savings ( 3 tsp) 65

Highlighted features

  1. Great sweetness with a higher fragrance

This DAMTUH Honey Citron Tea‘s solution color is slightly darker with high honey and sugar content than the three teas above. Open the lid, and you can see various citron slender slices inside. This tea might get the highest honey and citron slices‘ content without losing its sweetness and fragrance compared to others.

  1. Use for various purpose

Like some citron honey teas, you can serve DAMTUH Honey Citron Tea with cold or hot water to make your taste more interesting. Furthermore, seen as a unique scent and pretty sweet tea, you can extend your use to breakfast meals if you are a sweet lover.  


Some find it with high sugar content and a bit caffeinated, so it will no longer benefit the diabetes patients and others who are allergic to caffeine.


  • More glutinous extracted solution
  • More scented aroma
  • Taste diversification
  • More citron slices 


  • High sugar content
  • A bit of caffeine included.


Suppose you are looking for a condensed and splendid citron honey tea, let’s pick DAMTUH Honey Citron Tea. Note that you don’t catch any disease relating to high blood sugar.


In general, based on your demand for a kind of citron honey tea, you can find out the most suitable one corresponding to your taste. 


Beyond some benefits we mentioned in our writing, Citron Honey Tea brings overwhelming healthy facts such as 

  • Relieve headache and indigestion
  • Get through the flu & ease sickness.
  • Calm sore throats
  • Enhance skin complexion
  • Boost immune system, etc

From our recommendations, if you still have a curiosity about each Citron Honey Tea outstanding use, let’s get the most common one that involves high content of Vitamin C and real honey with very little sugar like Ottogi Honey Teas

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