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The Best Blank Slate Hangboard

Can’t make it to the gym because of tight schedules or the social distancing measures? Here we have the best blank slate hangboards you are looking for on your at-home-exercise journey! 

Blank Slate Hangboard is a rock climbing hangboard door mount kit made for climbing training or strength training without damaging your home. Not all the training-hungry climbers can find time to be on month-long journeys in the alpine or have a chance to go to the climbing centers; therefore, this is a perfect solution for the ones who love climbing. 

The blank slate hangboard was customized to prop on and off the doorframes quickly without any drilling or wall mounting. Thus, it is very convenient for moving houses and affordable to enjoy this hobby.

To find out which one is the best blank slate hangboard for you, we have four suggestions below!

The Best Blank Slate Hangboard of September 2023 – Reviews and Top Rated

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1# – Metolius Simulator 3D

Metolius is a brand specialized in Sports and Outdoor Activities, especially with Climbing products; therefore, their boards are designed and customized most suitable for the training, and Metolius Simulator 3D is not an exception. This product is expected to be the next generation of the #1 selling blank slate hangboard.


Product Dimensions 11.32 x 4.09 x 1.97 inches; 0.16 Ounces
Item model number Metolius
Department Climbing Accessories and Training
Manufacturer Metolius
Best Sellers Rank #4 in Climbing Holds

#38,706 in Sports & Outdoors

Highlighted Features

This blank slate hangboard was designed with various holders in a broad arc with tapers outward and downward. With this design, it helps you gain better ergonomics during training and minimize injuries. Besides, the producers wanted to make a larger forearm clearance, so the tapers were set from top to bottom in both board’s dimensions.

This product comes in set with comprehensive instructions, a guide for training with this board, and the other necessary mounting hardware.  

Most of the purchased-customers were satisfied with this blank slate hangboard (85% voted 5 stars and 11% voted 4 stars), and the ones who voted 1 star were because of the wrong color shipped or the mistakes during shipment which were not related to the product. Therefore, we can say that this blank slate hangboard’s quality is nearly perfect, suitable for everyone to start their climbing journey, and easy to install to any house type, whether on the walls or above the door frames.


Even though this product has many good reviews, many customers recommended a backing board for a strong support installment.


  • Perfect quality of the materials
  • Beautiful design
    • Easy to put on and put off without damaging the walls
  • User-friendly


  • It needs a backing board.


We highly recommend you purchase this product as it is an excellent choice for practicing at home with a safe and friendly customized design.

2# – Project by Metolius

This blank slate hangboard also comes from the Metolius brand with a different design for different functions; furthermore, it is much more affordable than the previous recommended product.


Product Dimensions 27 x 7 x 4 inches; 5.25 Pounds
Department Adults
Manufacturer Metolius
Best Sellers Rank #14 in Climbing Holds

#55,909 in Sports & Outdoors

Highlighted Features

Besides, there are fewer holders than the previous products. They are also in different forms; this climbing training board’s overall design followed similarly: a broad arc with tapers outward and downward. It was also customized to reduce the chance of getting injuries

This product got 4.7/5 overall ratings from the customers. 86% agreed that this board is straightforward to install and practice. 


This product still has some weaknesses, such as it can be broken during shipment, because of either packaging or material quality, the color looks different as shown in the images.


  • Affordable
    • Easy to install and move
  • Convenient to exercise
  • Light and friendly-size to any house


  • Easy to be broken during shipment
  • Images just for illustration purpose


This product is an affordable choice for beginners and adolescents. We recommend this blank slate hangboard for getting used to climbing journeys and at-home-strength-training.

3# – Training Board Rock Climbing Hang Board

The Training Board Rock offers you a variety of exercise sessions. You will not be bored when training yourself with this product. Let dig deeper!


Manufacturer Get Out!
Best Sellers Rank #2 in Climbing Holds

#27,763 in Sports & Outdoors

Highlighted Features

This board has numerous holders that directly target contact finger and body tension core strength; furthermore, the upper body can also be toned. Besides, it is effortless to install – you need to read the mounting hardware and installation instructions included.

This training board rock climbing can be used anywhere in your house: above a doorway, on any wall with studs, or even in the garage; moreover, the white and black swirl design will look suitable and incredible in any place. It was designed for various exercises such as Dead hang, Bent-arm hang, Offset hang, Pull-up, etc. 

Moreover, this product is made in a fine texture similar to the indoor climbing centers’ climbing wall: the chosen materials to make this climbing board are sturdy and thick. Therefore it is safe while exercising with reduced injury chances.


Besides its customized design for many functions and suitable materials quality, some customers reviewed that it comes with short screws, making the board fall out.


    • Affordable price
  • Various offers of exercises
  • Easy to install and can install anywhere


  • Short screws provided
  • Only 1 size offered


With this attractive price and excellent quality, this blank slate hangboard is highly recommended. Why would you consider more about it? Better hurry up to grab this deal!

4# – Blank Slate Climbing APEX S2 

Blank Slate specializes in Climbing, Hiking, Camping, and game goods. This blank slate hangboard model from the Blank Slate is designed to fit in any doorway without affecting it.


Product Dimensions 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches; 11 Pounds
Department Climbing Accessories and Training
Manufacturer Blank Slate Climbing
Best Sellers Rank #23,570 in Climbing Holds

#940,076 in Sports & Outdoors

Highlighted features

This board model was made in the size that fits behind every door and lays above the hinge, allowing anyone to install it quickly in a few minutes. Moreover, the climber can change their training’s incline and intensity with the adjustable feature. This product can upgrade your indoor climbing training without holes that can damage the house.


The customers reviewing this product are too expensive for the value. Furthermore, they doubt the level of weight this board can handle. 


  • Easy to install in minutes
  • It fits just nicely behind the door.
  • The incline and intensity are adjustable.


  • It does not come with instructions.
  • Not too strong 


We recommend you consider this product carefully with the notes, besides the customers should read the reviews and instructions before purchasing to make sure it is suitable. 


Thank you for reading the 4 most popular climbing training boards’ reviews. We hope this paper gives you a comprehensive look and source of information about different products to make your final decision.

We highly recommend 1# – Metolius Simulator 3D from all the reviews of different boards, which is the right choice with excellent quality and design.

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