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Welcome to the lab, but not mine. And actually, I don’t have a guest today. I’m the guest, I’m at the restaurant. Nic’s with Nicolas Bever. Who’s the owner, The man behind Nic’s Beverly Hills.. And he’s an amazing chef. And we can, I prepare my grandma’s pierogi what’s the meat and fried onions. You excited. My favorite dishes of all time always makes the best food. Right? First, we’re going to do the dough and it’s actually very easy to do. And as we talked about it later, everything is with sour cream. So here’s butter. I’ll just put two tablespoons of sour cream. There’s a cup of milk. Can you believe dough a sour cream? And this is a three cups of flour. I’m going to add, like approximately two, I’m going to start putting it together. And I want to know everything about your restaurant. Well, you know, we, we had one menu last year. It was called Coventry. So it was kind of, we had traveled to Poland and Sweden. We haven’t gone to Russia yet, but everything was kind of around pasta. And it’s just like, this food is really good with vodka. You know, we made [inaudible], we made borscht, you know, in a martini with the compression and caviar Chicken Property Kosh and, and, uh, you know, different things that really go with Battelle. So you know what my grandma used to saying, you touched the dough and if it’s, if it’s like a baby, but Oh yeah, it feels just like a baby, but then it’s the righty. So this we’re going to put for approximately like five, 10 minutes aside, cover covered with the, well, it could be a woman. Okay. Melted some butter here and you just see up at a half a stick that will put my grandma. Do you cannot make the dish worse with butter. Graham was the head chef of the family. What’s her name? I want to beat her. Sometimes when she comes, She would love to, she would love your block, a box. This is amazing. It kind of feels like you’re in red square in the chilly day. That was cold. So it’s Brown up and that’s the secret I told you. Yeah. Organic, nice sugar break all top caramelization, but you have no you for sure to know about it, right? The best recipes are all family recipes, because you learn so much from learning ethnic foods, like little, a little tricks from Russian food or when it’s comfortable. It’s sexy. Oh, you’re so that’s the thing. I’m in my show. Food is sexy. Good for your loved ones. All about gathering together. Gossiping a little bit. Whoa. You know what I’ve been saying? Okay. I think we’re done here. We just need to add our meat. So there’s a pound of four. Then found a lamb. I know half bad of lamb and half about a beef. That’s the one my grandmother told me to do. And we don’t want to put up with grandma’s dress. No, I just going to separate, you told me about your pig on your farm. Yeah. Ballerina. Yes. She’s tiny. My parents tried to feed her as much as they can and she would still jump as like a ballerina and she never got that. Okay. The need is going to fry. And when it’s almost done it, not nutmeg salt and pepper. So the dome is vested and it’s ready. And I was thirst thinking I’m going to do myself, but I feel like you’re in your kitchen. Do you want it to do that? Do you want to roll it? You just need to roll it. So it’s already Dustin. Yeah. You kind of like, you want it. Your heel may be a little bit doughy. And so, whoops. So do you mind if I serve this on my menu for a special yeah. Like it’s supposed to, wow. You’re the glass of water. Wait professional in the kitchen. I’m like, it would, I don’t know. Take me like 20 minutes to do that. And he’s thought already. Wow, perfect. That’s perfect. So we are almost on the finishing line. Here you go. This is the tool with my grandma. Never use, she would use always a glass like a, just because we’re fortunate enough to have all the kitchen stuff, all these toys, all this stores, I’m going to make two circles for us right now. So the first secret is not to make too much circles. So the dough is not going to get dry. Then you take the circle, take one yours. And I’ll spoon a little bit meat on yours and I’ll spin a little bit online. So the secret is in the water, which you kind of, you know, put it around the edges. And then the other secret is if you’re a meat, get to the ages and it’s, you know, pottery. It’s not never gonna stick together. So that’s it. So with them together, I’m like, like almost like a ravioli. You pinch them. Yeah. Pinch them. And that’s where the differences. So that’s how [inaudible] looks like. So you would know in your freezer, that’s not with meat. That’s how you know what’s with meat. Ooh, cool. Like this. Ooh. So it’s just two things like two edges like this. Yeah. Show me that again. Okay. So it’s like this. So this is the part, when you gossip gossip with your grandmas gossip, with your mothers and that’s what meat. Yeah. That’s what, yeah, this is pretty cool. Do you do other foods that you need to kill you after? Because you know all the secrets I know. I know. I know about the pig. I know about the farm and you’re drinking with your mom and your grandma. So I was, I have to turn this around. Yeah. So that’s work more easier for you. It’s like, you kind of facing them outside and you put like this. Yup. And just bench and bench and you have like a Perfect, uh, it looks like a baby’s once And it feels like, okay, let’s put them in the freezer and we’ll see, okay, we’re almost done. We go, here we go. Now you’ll see your creations. They’re going to cook for approximately five minutes because the meat is already ready or until they’re rise up And you bring them right out of the freezer, throw them in there and cook them. Then you cook them and you just wait until the dog. That’s it like a professional. I’ll put the pen on. My mom used to ask me how many one I’ll be like six, no seven, no 10. You never get to 10. Okay. Awesome. Beautiful. So you’re in my kitchen today making this beautiful dish. I think it’s only appropriate because you’re from Russia that we have a nice shot of Russian vodka to start this Before we taste this, Just kind of put on your seatbelt and drove you. Wow. Wow. Well then let’s start now. I’ll just do, which is very Russian thing to do a dollop of sour cream on each to add some color. Chives is always one of the best things to go in the add a little bit of flavor. So that’s why we use the spoon. You kind of like mix it all together. Oh yeah. Tender, tender. And the meat is delicious. That nutmeg really comes out. Oh y’all well, you brought me, let’s take the money and go through your Russian room. I would say the white box. Let’s let’s go. Well, welcome to the bulbs. It’s a chili, 28 degrees in here. So it can get warm. This is our bulb box. It’s a walk-in drink and exhibition. We have the best blog in the world. Of course brushes are a favorite. I love that. But my favorite one is the one you brought us today is beluga Siberia. And this is amazing. And this, this is a bolted week and we’re going to have a shot at this, but first you have to break off the top of ceiling wax. Oh my God. Then you open it up and you have a little brush made of whale, bristles, whale bristles. Oh my God. You see, before you see a whale with a missing mustache. Oh, that’s so chilly in here. Oh my God. When you dust it off, [inaudible] now it’s your turn. My friends do with the next restaurant in Beverly Hills and keep traveling. My friends drink a lot of vodka. © Nic’s Beverly Hills 2014 • 453 North Cañon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4819 • Tel: (310) 550-5707