Lets Have a Party!

Lets Have a Party!

Let’s have a party!

Nic’s offers several private dining options to fit any occasion.
All menus are also available at your home or office!

Your favorite 5 appetizers and your own party space at Nic’s
$20 per person & 2 drink minimum

Download the Reservation form here or fill out the reservation form below to get your party started!

4 Easy steps to host your own Nic’s Cocktail Party!

1. Pick a date and Time

Your party space will be reserved for 2.5 hours

2. Choose 5 appetizers

From our Cocktail Food Menu

3. Prepare your guest list

Invite only your most fun friends

3. Call Nic’s for reservations

(310) 550-5707

4. Fill out form

It’s easy!

4. Go shopping

For that special Cocktail Dress or Smoker’s Jacket

Reservation Form

Your Name (required)


Your Email (required)

Your Phone(required)

Event Date

Confirmed Guest Count

Credit Card Type (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)

Card Number


If you are in agreement with the following requirements, please sign below and fax or email back to Nic’s.

You will be charged for the confirmed number of guests reflected in this contract. Guest count can only be changed with 72 hour notice.

There is a two drink minimum per person, which may include VODBOX. You are responsible for the difference if the minimum is not met.

We will reserve a space for your cocktail party for 2.5 hours. A two drink minimum per guest is required for each hour after. You are responsible for the difference if the minimum is not met.

There is a 20 minute window to arrive for reservations.

The check will be presented on one (1) final bill. It may be split amongst guests but server CANNOT open separate checks for individual guests.

I have read and accepted all terms of agreement

 *OPTION: I have chosen not to pre-order food, but will meet a $45 min per person guarantee to hold my table.

How to Book a Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Menu

“Where’s My Effen Martini”
Effen Black Cherry Vodka, Elderflower, Grapefruit
“Super Sexy Beach”
Roxx Vodka, Fresh Pressed Pineapple & Toasted Anise
“What A Nice Pear You Have”
Grey Goose La Poire, Pear Nectar & Shaved Parmesan
“Designated Driver”
Organic Apple, Ginger Ice, Ginger Beer, Sugar Cane”


Private dining Dinner Menus

Private Dining